Mission Statement

Rosenfeld Elementary School Mission Statement
We, the school team of RES strive to teach the whole child - socially, physically, emotionally, and academically; to provide a safe and secure environment to learn, play, and contribute to the best of their ability; to help students become responsible and caring citizens of the community who will continue to want to learn.

Rosenfeld Elementary School Staff Statement
As Rosenfeld School staff we believe we can do our job best when we work together collaboratively and respectfully through open communication with a positive attitude. We believe our learning impacts student learning and that we grow by talking to each other about our learning. We believe that our workplace should be a safe, fun, and supportive environment for all staff and students.

Rosenfeld Elementary School Belief Statement
At Rosenfeld Elementary School we believe in:

* Following the rules

* Being respectful towards each other and property

* Being safe, and

* Having fun!